Most Power Companies Apply A New Project Viability Calculator While Evaluating Power Purchase Agreements With Solar Farm Developer Teams

There are many actions a solar farm developer can take toward winning a power purchase agreement. One of the most important step is the Project Viability Calculator. The Project Viability Calculator has been designed so the utilities can evaluate the viability of a renewable energy project when compared to all other projects that are bidding into the renewable energy process.

The Project Viability Calculator uses a number of standardized categories and sub-categories that assist in quantifying the strengths and weaknesses of a particular project. It is not a tool to eliminate applications but rather screen them to help determine which projects have the best chance of completing construction and becoming operational.

The utilities are under state mandates to reach renewable targets. As they accept applications for projects they apply the Project Viability Calculator which allows them to understand which projects are most likely to help them meet their renewable energy goals. What many people do not know is that the utilities are required to use the Project Viability Calculator to evaluate bids.

If your project is hoping to win a power purchase agreement, one of the first steps is making sure you understand the Project Viability Calculator completely. Commercial Solar Design specializes in this type of co-developer work and is interested in helping you with your solar farm project.

Another interesting aspect to the Project Viability Calculator is that the utilities may modify the Project Viability Calculator within certain guidelines. For example, the utility may add criteria and adjust the criteria ranking. They cannot, however, delete existing criteria or add new categories. A utility cannot adjust scoring guidelines and any changes to the official Project Viability Calculator must be clearly described and documented.

If you score well in the Project Viability Calculator then you are more likely to win a power purchase agreement. The Project Viability Calculator is another critical step any solar farm project developer must complete exactly. Make sure it matches the design of the project. Lastly, make sure the Project Viability Calculator is specific to the power purchase agreement program you are applying for.

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