A Quick Article On The Present Day Status Of Solar Energy Farm Development Projects As They Relate To Utility Scale Solar

Utility scale solar may be at the cutting edge of the IOU (investor owned utility) solar electricity land rush. Massive solar energy farms can be interconnected into the electricity grid and produce significant levels of electricity offsetting various other sources of generation. Having said that, there is also a distinct shift already in the market caused by solar power module manufacturers.

Solar power manufacturers are already increasing their manufacturing capacity in China and in other places at an impressive speed. At some time you will have market saturation and / or another kind of circumstance like a revolutionary new technology which idles the solar power module manufacturing plant. A lot of these suppliers are beginning to comprehend that they have to transform themselves into vertically integrated corporations.

A vertically integrated organization, for the purpose of solar power manufacturers, can be described as an organization which manufactures the solar power and owns and operates the massive solar farm arrays. Several of the organizations actually strive to be design engineers and building contractors too. The sensible choice of solar farm energy projects is utility scale solar.

The vertically integrated business structure presents an even more efficient and effective manufacturing process, more rapid production cycles, first-class quality control as well as lowered costs when reviewed against less vertically integrated solar power module companies.

By means of locking substantial solar farm energy projects into the pipeline, the vertically integrated business model delivers superior margins and in some cases helps lessen negative pressure on profit margins from ongoing shifts throughout the industry. An innovative new Vertical Solar Farm Development Program enables solar power module manufacturers to master current market conditions resulting in the mobility to sell and buy solar products up and down the value chain to optimize income and net profit for the long and short term.

Commercial Solar Design concentrates on supporting landowners who wish to develop their acreage satisfy the conditions investors and vertically integrated solar power manufacturers that want to build solar energy farms within the 1.5 – 20 MW spectrum.

Commercial Solar Design anticipates that eighty percent of utility scale solar farm energy projects will fail for a number of reasons. Of the small amount of projects in the IA phase; CPUC admits that as much as 60% of applications are flawed and may never be constructed. A Solar Farm Project Co-Development Program is vital to organizing a winning project which includes a team that provides solutions in topics which include; initial review through CUP (conditional use permit) approval, interconnection application, engineering drawings, scoping & system impact, legal work, CASIO SGIP / LGIP PPA contract negotiations, overall venture management, construction financing, finance modeling, SPE formation, construction management, accounting & taxes and much more leading to an operational facility.

Commercial Solar Design provides comprehensive co-developer options knowing that vertical integration necessitates the capability to duplicate multiple solar farm energy projects to meet current and long term business objectives.

About Sy Richardson

Sy Richardson brings years of high level client interaction. He is an expert in strategic thinking, problem solving, negotiation and logistics. His first solar company was started in the 80s in Miami Fl where his company installed over 3,000 residential solar systems. In 2008 Mr. Richardson refocused on utility scale solar projects and has many connections in the industry. He founded Commercial Solar Design, a company focused solely on solar farm development projects. Sy is involved in all stages of the solar farm project life. Sy is currently the Executive VP of EternaTile, Inc. EternaTile has completed 6 years of R&D and is now the best performing roofing system on the market. The EternaTile fully integrated BIPV Roofing System will follow later in 2016. The patented EternaTile Roofing System takes rooftop performance and integrates solar PV to the next level by encapsulating solar cells in the roofing tiles. The integrated solar delivers a beautiful rooftop solar solution as compared to mounted solar panels. Contact Sy or visit www.eternatile.com for more info. He loves working with the Maine Island Trail Association, and other earth friendly organizations. He has a wealth of information regarding solar and industrial technical issues. Specialties: Utility Scale Solar Farm Projects Distributed Utility Pre-Construction Development CAISO Interconnection Application Review
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