Commercial Solar Panels

Commercial Solar Design uses a phased approach to perform utility spend and cost/benefit analysis for large-scale solar farm and commercial renewable energy systems operating independently or grid connected. Each facility is unique, requiring some degree of custom design for the system to achieve its full potential. For example, one Southern California Public School District manages 70 buildings scattered across 18 sites. Commercial Solar Design specializes in distributed designs of this type. The Energy Audit is a value assessment and technology road map to take large-scale facilities entirely off the grid, or remain grid connected. The goals of the energy audit are to verify each site’s ability to produce power, set the logical order of proposed energy solutions and prove the overall financial viability of the project. Commercial Solar Design delivers comprehensive solutions for your energy needs.

Your PV software monitoring solution produces a broad range of real time data as usable knowledge via custom screens optimized for project stakeholders. The software issues in-context intelligent alerts to assure O&M operations personnel understand any problem and can perform field repairs correctly the first time. Wireless PV monitoring, software driven systems management, alarming and event logging features enable facility managers to retain full control over their investment in renewable power.

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