Commercial Solar Panels Deliver More Power Than Ever Before

Commercial solar panels provide one of the best business investments you can make, turning highly variable energy costs into a low, predictable operating expense. The increasing cost of power, climate change and rising energy demands has prompted businesses and individuals to seek out alternative, reliable and environmentally friendly sources of electrical power. Partnering with Commercial Solar Design, an industry leader in commercial solar power systems, you can build a dedicated “green power plant” for your business that will provide clean, affordable energy for decades to come. Our sleek, high-performance Solar Power Systems are designed for a rock-solid installation and decades of clean, reliable power.

Using Commercial Solar Design to install your commercial solar panels will pay off in the short term and the long term. In the short term, it will reduce your monthly electric utility costs by at least 50%. In many cases, we can eliminate your monthly power bill completely. The government is supporting this strategy by allowing business owners to write off up to 64% of the entire investment in the first year. We also purchase the RECs for additional cost reduction.

If you would rather lease the system we can arrange this for you. You can get into a commercial solar lease with little or no money down . The first 5 years are basically a break even point after taking into account your savings on the energy. In the 6th year you are saving around 50% on your electricity for the next 5 years. There is a small buyout at the end of the lease. When it comes to solar panels in California, Nevada and Arizona, Commercial Solar Design is your best choice. Why does Commercial Solar Design win so many bids? It’s because they provide the best value over the long term by designing the system properly, using best in class panels and inverters and including 10 years of maintenance in the initial price.

Time for a new roof? There’s no better time to install a solar power system than when your are putting on a new roof. We can drastically lower the cost of your system by installing the solar array supports on your underlying building structure. We will seal the supports and warranty the installation for any leaking.

Commercial solar panels are the smart and cost-effective alternative of fulfilling the growing energy needs of today. Commercial solar panels are a new way for business owners to save money and expand their revenue. Because solar panels are also highly durable, they are capable of lasting for decades. When you are on the hunt for ideal commercial solar panels, you do need to be able to really judge what type of panels you’re going to need, as well as how many however. In essence, commercial solar panels are valuable and helpful in many ways. Solar energy is very appealing especially in a world of constantly rising energy costs, since it is free energy. There are three main types of solar panel systems commonly available in the market; portable, residential and commercial. Utilizing commercial solar panels for just about any business is one of the best ways to reduce costs and make yourself popular with the general public at the same time.

Whether as a supplementary power source or to become a micro grid independent company producing its own electricity, making use of Commercial Solar Design’s solar power systems can be seen as a good solid decision.

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