Exciting New Solar Tile Roofing System Investment Opportunity

The EternaTile rooftop tiling system offers the industry’s best roofing material for new and re-roofing applications for residential and commercial pitched roofs. The EternaTile roofing system is the easy to install, offers excellent curb appeal while provides the industry’s first 260 MPH wind rating along with an insulating value of R-19, extraordinary value and a 60-year warranty. The EternaTile roofing system has the highest margin on roofing material and also integrates solar PV into the roof tiles offering a solar PV solution that is cosmetically and aesthetically pleasing, yet at a lower cost than conventional PV systems.
integrated solar roofing tiles
The EternaTile system is comprised of two basic groups, core tile and solar tile. The core group is a complete roofing system for new construction and re-roofing. The solar tile (branded EternaG) can be incorporated into the core product or assembled independently into 4-sided configurations and non-mechanically fixed to shingles to add solar PV to rooftop to generate electricity. Both groups come in a variety of styles and sizes including slate, shake, flat and roll tile.

Photovoltaic roofing tile

add a slate roof with solar integrated for a fraction of the cost of traditional slate.

photovoltaic roofing

get a shake roof with integrated solar shingles for the best curb appeal and solar energy in one package

According to the March addition of Roofer’s Edge, last year in the US there was approximately 225 million squares sold in the residential shingle market (1 square is 10’x10’ or 100 sq/ft) and demand for roofing is forecast to grow to 275 million squares in 2014. If you take a national re-roofing average of $350/square for asphalt shingle and $750/square for cement tile and slate, it is easy to see how lucrative even a tiny percentage of the US marketplace will become for shareholders. Uses for the EternaTile system are currently being introduced to several other continents as well and with considerable acceptance.
Re-roofing due to storms and other weather related damage is a key sector since the EternaTile roofing system has a 260 MPH wind rating through an approved Miami/Dade roof testing facility. This soon will equate to reduced premiums and peace of mind under severe weather conditions coupled with a 60-year warranty. If you take another step and calculate the heating and cooling savings from adding R-19 to the building envelope, one will discover a return on investment long before the warranty expires. Therefore the core product alone is impressive enough to stand on it’s own and will be all-viable as a roofing alternative for over 200,000 national contractors longing for a less labor intensive tile, slate and wood installation.
Market drivers in the solar and housing industry include contributors such as: solar mandates and eco-efficiency requirements. Today, citizens, governments, businesses, lenders, investors, and organizations are becoming more aware of and placing more emphasis on the importance of renewable energy and reduced carbon dioxide emissions for a healthier environment. In the 2010 State of Green Business report, 43 percent of Americans chose solar as a preferred renewable energy source, followed far behind by wind at just 17 percent and 92% of them think it’s vital that America develop solar power and implement it as soon as possible.

As a result, there is a growing demand for environmentally sound products and solutions to implement across a broad variety of applications. The EternaTile roofing system provides sloped roofing systems with or without a solar component. This flexibility allows for both core and solar product groups to operate individually or in tandem resulting in the widest possible market.

The vast majority of rooftop markets has shifted toward solar PV energy delivery. The question is how to make it aesthetically pleasing and affordable. The EternaTile roofing system provides everything a builder, home or commercial building owner and solar installer could want.

Below is a list of factors to be considered;
1. Increasing numbers of counties and states are requiring solar or energy reduction strategies to be incorporated into the new construction.
2. HOAs with strict roofing standards hate solar panels. The EternaTile roofing system will provide aesthetics that the HOAs will embrace
3. The cost of a solar EternaTile roofing system is about the same cost as a solar panel system but adds the following benefits
a. Comparable energy generation as a traditional solar panel installation
b. A new roof with a 60 year warranty – most roofs will have to be replaced under a solar panel system requiring the system to be removed and reinstalled
c. A new insulation factor of R-19 on the building envelope reduces HVAC costs
d. Solar generation integrated into the roof tiles eliminating fire department objections
e. Reduced roof build-out as compared to ceramic, slate or cement systems
f. A new roof with a 260 MPH wind resistance rating
g. Pleasing aesthetics from integrated solar tiles in multiple styles and colors
h. EternaTile provides significant soundproofing for the internal living areas
4. Prefabricated homes can now have assembled roof sections with factory installed solar and shipped to the construction site for plug and play solar systems eliminating the need for specialized installation crews in remote locations, logistics, theft, etc
5. Insurance companies embracing a roofing system and solar system that will withstand far more wind than traditional roofing products or conventionally mounted solar systems
6. The EternaTile roofing system is the easiest, fastest, best looking, highest margin, roofing system available. Solar distributors, builders and roofing companies and distributors are embracing the concept through LOIs in advance of production.

EternaTile is differentiated in the marketplace in several ways. The EternaTile roofing system is the first solution whereby SPF (Spray polyurethane foam) roofing systems can be applied to any pitched roof in an attractive and effective manner. SPF solutions are well known for their insulation and superior soundproofing and weatherproofing. EternaTile’s patent pending solution is positioned to take the well-understood SPF technology to pitched roof surfaces. The insulation value alone is a strong selling point. Secondly the ability to offer a roofing system as well as an integrated solar solution is almost unique.

The Problem: Other companies have tried to develop a solar integrated roofing system only to be stymied by condensation/sweating problems. As the roof cools in the afternoon or evening condensation forms on the underside of the shingle or tile causing moisture issues for the solar PV. In fact it is the condensation between the roof tar paper and the roofing shingle or tile that causes a roof to fail by rotting the sub-straight away beginning with the gutter areas and working upward toward its peak.

The Solution: The EternaTile solar roofing system solves the sweating/condensation issue because of the fact that the tile offers a low thermal transfer coefficient. Due to the lack of thermal transfer and thermal absorption the EternaTile products do not get hot and therefore do not cool off in such a way as to form condensation. The lack of underside condensation provides for a much longer lifespan and the ability to properly apply an integrated solar PV to the EternaTile roofing system.

The EternaTile roofing system also differentiates itself in the marketplace in terms of value. A homeowner considering a 4 kW system on his roof will also have to consider the age of his current roof. Great expense is added to the cost of solar PV ownership if the solar system has to be removed and reinstalled to re-roof the building. For about the same cost of the 4 kW rooftop traditional solar PV panel systems an entire new EternaTile roof system can be installed including the 4 kW solar PV systems. Several things happen in this case;

• Building get a new 60 year roof
• Building gets a 4 kW solar system that is aesthetically pleasing (4kW is a size example. PV sizing can range from 900 W – MWs)
• Building gets a 260 MPH wind rated roof
• Building gets a reduction in heating and cooling costs due to the R-19 insulating value
• Building gets a possible reduction in homeowners insurance
• Building gets a possible rebate on the roof cost due to local and state incentives to increase insulation and building efficiencies

EternaTile’s sales strategy is three tiered. First, the company is amassing Letters of Intent for $500 million is sales in the target verticals. Secondly, the company will be manufacturing the product groups in the USA allowing it to qualify for Made in America requirements for government and military contracts for both roofing materials and the solar roofing system. Thirdly, the company has started discussions with prefabricated home manufacturers who have large project deliverables internationally. By incorporating the EternaTile roofing system the prefabricated homes can ship roofing sections with the solar already integrated eliminating the logistics of a roof-mounted system.

It the first year of operations, EternaTile plans on delivering 500,000 squares of roofing as a first-to-market strategy with its LOI partners. This represents about $200 Million in revenue and requires approximately 5 lines running 18 hrs/day including downtime for scheduled and unforeseen maintenance. In years two and three EternaTile will expand it’s manufacturing to stay poised with increasing sales from re-roofing plus new construction and the international markets.

EternaTile is entering into discussions with investors who are interested in a blend of equity and debt financing. Funding in terms of a line of credit will allow EternaTile to work towards profitability with the least amount of funding possible. Due to the large number of LOIs from a wide variety of business concerns we believe that EternaTile can be profitable within 12 months from start of production. Start of production for US sales will occur after UL has been approved however production for overseas sales could start considerably sooner.

Interested companies and individuals should contact us for further discussions.

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