solar farm business plan blueprint

If you are planning on starting a solar farm this is the perfect low cost guide to let you get started. The information included is worth many thousands and can be yours for only $34.95. The files included are listed below with a brief description.

  • Solar project Overview – information taken from a real solar farm project to illustrate the different facets of planning a solar farm project
  • Solar Farm Viability Calculator – this handy tool will let you quickly understand how viable your project will be in the eyes of the utilities. Different utilities have different standards and step # 3 below will get you started in dialog with your local utility
  • Solar Markets – it is important to understand the markets you are involved with. Here we discuss 4 markets which are active in the solar farm development niche
  • Solar Farm Development Budget – an actual budget from a solar farm development effort in California which will provide you with the information you need to understand budgets
  • Sample Interconnection Application – Before you can connect to the grid you have to submit an application. Each utility has their own so this sample serves to provide a head start on what to expect.
  • Sample PPA – this document will provide insight into the contract world of solar farms, utilities and the required PPA (Power Purchase Agreement). Each utility has their own PPA but this will give you a basic guideline with regard to what you can expect.
  • Solar Farm Planning Software to let you begin understanding the energy output for your location, financial calculations and much more. This is the same software, viability calculator and information we use for all our clients.
    1. Available for PC
    2. Available for Mac OS X 10.6 or later
  • Sample Solar Farm planning file so you can get the idea of how the software works. This sample was taken from real solar farm projects

You can have all this information at your fingertips for only $34.95.

Software output sample for 17 MW project

Sample from Viability Calculator

The renewable power industry is experiencing a many new power projects, ranging from small distributed solar systems to large scale wind plants stretching across hundreds of acres. While each new project presents unique technical, regulatory and construction challenges for developers, owners and operators, this guide can help you determine if the solar farm project is right for your land and your goals. Before you spend lots of money you need to determine the following;

»» Can the project be interconnected where planned? And, will there be any curtailments due to the network?
»» Are the panels reliable? And, will they be delivered in time?
»» Are there unusual risks in the power sale or construction agreements?
»» Are the developer and operator experienced? And, do they have the team and resources to follow through?
»» Have all the necessary permits and approvals been identified? Can they
be obtained? And, what mitigation is required?
»» Will the project enter service in time to qualify for a federal cash grant?
»» Will there be enough sun available?

**** When we receive your order we will send you a link to the download page where you can download the files and programs onto your home computer or laptop. You can load the information onto 2 (two)  computers. Orders submitted before 3 PST will be processed the next business day.

For only $34.95 you can use this suite of tools to make these initial determinations which can help you decide if your land is a suitable site and if you want to proceed with the project.

About Sy Richardson

Sy Richardson brings years of high level client interaction. He is an expert in strategic thinking, problem solving, negotiation and logistics. His first solar company was started in the 80s in Miami Fl where his company installed over 3,000 residential solar systems. In 2008 Mr. Richardson refocused on utility scale solar projects and has many connections in the industry. He founded Commercial Solar Design, a company focused solely on solar farm development projects. Sy is involved in all stages of the solar farm project life. Sy is currently the Executive VP of EternaTile, Inc. EternaTile has completed 6 years of R&D and is now the best performing roofing system on the market. The EternaTile fully integrated BIPV Roofing System will follow later in 2016. The patented EternaTile Roofing System takes rooftop performance and integrates solar PV to the next level by encapsulating solar cells in the roofing tiles. The integrated solar delivers a beautiful rooftop solar solution as compared to mounted solar panels. Contact Sy or visit for more info. He loves working with the Maine Island Trail Association, and other earth friendly organizations. He has a wealth of information regarding solar and industrial technical issues. Specialties: Utility Scale Solar Farm Projects Distributed Utility Pre-Construction Development CAISO Interconnection Application Review
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