EternaTile Solar BIPV Roof Tiles available Fall 2014


The EternaTile 3-in-1 rooftop tiling system brings together premium roof coverings (slate, shake, cement tile, clay barrel tile, custom shapes, sizes and colors), insulation and integrated solar. With a Class “A” fire rating, 250+ MPH wind rating, Class 4 Hail rating, 75 year lifespan, R-13 Insulation value and integrated Solar (BIPV), EternaTile will be setting a new standard for roofing materials.

The image below shows a clay tile roof damaged by hail. The same roof with EternaTile would have been undamaged or sustained minor damage easily repaired without removing a single tile!

Lightweight Solar Roof with BIPV.

EternaTile offers the industry’s best roofing material for new and re-roofing applications for residential and commercial pitched roofs. The EternaTile roofing system is super tough and easy to install, offers excellent curb appeal while providing the industry’s first 260 MPH wind rating along with an insulating value of R-13, extraordinary value and a Lifetime Warranty.

The EternaTile roofing system also integrates solar PV (BIPV – Building Integrated Photovoltaic) into the roof tiles offering a solar PV solution that is cosmetically and aesthetically pleasing, yet at a lower cost than conventional PV panel systems.

EternaTile delivers value all along the value chain. However for those contractors and installers, who have to routinely deliver, put on and clean up at a job site, will be the most impressed after their first experience using EternaTile. Here is why:

1. Traditional tiles are highly breakable and a burden to deliver, load and install. Waste due to chips, breaks, fractures and deep scratches easily total 20% and add to both contractor and installer’s overhead. EternaTile is opposite in those areas. Durable triple or quadruple tile groupings can be fabricated, shipped, loaded and installed with unprecedented ease and speed!

2. EternaTile requires no heavy machinery to load tiles on rooftops. The product is so lightweight that it is 1/10 that of cement tiles, so it is easily lifted or hoisted to the roof as needed instead of preloading the entire roof top.

3. Rooftops clear of stacked tiles allow contractors and their employees to freely move about the roof without excessive pre loaded stacks of tiles to negotiate around or trip over, creating a safer work environment.

4. The opposite is true and especially appreciated when codes mandate for tropical depressions (or worse) all tiles on roofs be removed, placed at ground level & tied.

5. EternaTile patent pending design incorporated a concave domed star recess that requires 1/3 less foam to bond traditional tiles to the roof. Foam is simply sprayed in measured doses into this area and then EternaTile is flipped over and set in place and allowed to dry.

6. The EternaTile patented design requires NO shimming or under piecing of starter rows and courses like traditional tiles that considerably slow installers down.

7. Additional rows thereafter or in the “field” using conventional tile roofing methods can easily run awry or crooked, result being unsightly, especially if the pitch of the roof is steep and mandates extra fasteners to prevent tile slippage and displacement. EternaTile patented designed blocking eliminates all the above allowing the finished product to be perfectly flawless. No more chalk lines!

8. Urethane foam is as easy to cut with a handsaw, as paper is with scissors. Contractors will not have to endure the usage of gas powered, diamond blade saws with the tremendous noise and dust that’s air‐born entering their eyes and nose that lead to vision/goggle impairment, tripping, falling and other safety/health conditions.

9. The patent pending wedge shape underside gives the installer assurance the tile will not to break under foot too much pressure is applied like traditional cement or clay tiles. Also the contractor can eliminate the need to replace broken tiles that always are damaged by employees who must traverse over newly laid tiles in order to complete the job.

10. EternaTile also eliminates the need for mixing cement/tile‐bond and their dye colorings because none of these types of materials are required. No more messes to clean, color mismatches, buckets of cement to hoist up on roof or prematurely dry before usage. Also gone is the need for 2×6 wood nailers or preformed metal channels under roof peaks or “Hip & Ridge” tiles due to additional patent designs.

11. Never before have installing decorative trim tiles up the sides or “Rake” of the roof been as easy as EternaTile. Traditional rake tiles are some of the most fragile types and must be first individually nailed in place before cement/tile bond is applied. Also ample breakage can be as high as 50% even if nails are meticulously driven through poorly piloted holes, common on cement/clay tiles, plus through the thick‐gauged metal drip edging. To avoid this level of breakage some roofers must take extra time to pilot‐drill through factory pilot holes and drip edges too. The tile’s foam construction favors wood screws so roofers need now to only use screw guns to attach rake tiles to field tiles before applying silicone caulk.

12. EternaTile boasts negative collateral damage to people or property that increases contractor’s liability when installing traditional tiles. Projected or falling cement/clay tiles from rooftops do considerable damage when they strike objects below and leave contractors responsible for correcting said incidentals. EternaTile’s “feather like fall” from those same distances virtually eliminates these problems.

13. Cleaning‐up after an EternaTile roof is done in a fraction of the time when matched up to traditional tiles. The disposal load weight is far less and debris picked up off the ground can simply be tossed into lawn & leaf bags instead of pushing heavy loads of cement tiles in wheel barrels to trucks or trailers.

Unique Architectural Design

EternaTile’s unique patent pending blocking design was created to outperform all the industry standard products and installation methods. Up to 50% of any new tile, slate or shake roof pricing is labor. The Company’s innovative product dramatically reduces installation costs, saving time and extra building supplies initiating a significantly easier, safer, more cost effective system for contractor and ultimately the end consumer.

The patented wedge shape underside gives the company the ability to guarantee its’ tile will not break or shatter under foot from periodic pressure cleaning like traditional cement or clay tiles because the product eliminates open pocketed areas that promote cave ins when too much pressure is applied. It also eliminates the need to replace broken tiles that always occur when employees routinely traverse over newly laid tiles. The product’s design facilitates a perfectly uniform application by butt fitting the upper backside of the tile directly to the next rows wedged side. Now every horizontal row of tile will be perfectly straight without an installer’s need to measure, mark & line the roof.

EternaTile’s patented blocking design allows peaks and other joined field areas to form fit together with little more than silicone caulk as filler, eliminating tons of cement, color dyes and its’ labor especially needed with conventional clay or cement tiles radically promoting longevity in these areas due to the cement’s cracking and dislodging/lifting tiles during maintenance and high wind situations.

EternaTile products are projected to have an easier, cheaper and more time efficient replacement process in the field when compared to traditional tiles. For example, after a tornado or hurricane, the invention may only be modestly dented or grooved under extreme hail and other projectile impacts from Cat‐5 or F‐5 force winds while retaining its’ position on the roof. These damages are simply rectified using easy to obtain silicon based crack filler and a putty knife without ever removing the tile.

EternaTile weighs under 120 pounds per square (10’x10’ area) and can be perfectly retro‐fitted on any slope roof of 3 inches on 12 inches (19 degrees) or greater without the need for mandatory engineering approval if the structure never before had a tile or slate roof. This lightweight advantage is also beneficial for shipping or trucking expenses.

EternaTile’s poly foam core is designed to permanently bond to the poly foam adhesive that is routinely used to adhere traditional tile to the structure after the substrate has been applied. Its high‐density foam offers a R‐13 value, so EternaTile reduces heat and freezing conveyance up to 95% depending on roof construction type.

About Sy Richardson

Sy Richardson brings years of high level client interaction. He is an expert in strategic thinking, problem solving, negotiation and logistics. His first solar company was started in the 80s in Miami Fl where his company installed over 3,000 residential solar systems. In 2008 Mr. Richardson refocused on utility scale solar projects and has many connections in the industry. He founded Commercial Solar Design, a company focused solely on solar farm development projects. Sy is involved in all stages of the solar farm project life. Sy is currently the Executive VP of EternaTile, Inc. EternaTile has completed 6 years of R&D and is now the best performing roofing system on the market. The EternaTile fully integrated BIPV Roofing System will follow later in 2016. The patented EternaTile Roofing System takes rooftop performance and integrates solar PV to the next level by encapsulating solar cells in the roofing tiles. The integrated solar delivers a beautiful rooftop solar solution as compared to mounted solar panels. Contact Sy or visit for more info. He loves working with the Maine Island Trail Association, and other earth friendly organizations. He has a wealth of information regarding solar and industrial technical issues. Specialties: Utility Scale Solar Farm Projects Distributed Utility Pre-Construction Development CAISO Interconnection Application Review
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