Solar Thermal Farm Project Gains Momentum

CEC approves first solar farm thermal project in 20 years with Beacon Solar Energy

Solar Farming – The very first time in two decades, state power regulators have authorized development for a solar thermal farm.

Our California Energy Commission awarded the Beacon Solar Energy venture a unanimous go-ahead Wednesday. The actual system, will be placed on over 2,000 non-public acres within Kern County, is just one of several solar farm plans working feverishly to begin construction  ahead of an important federal grant that runs out by the end of the calendar year.

Beacon Solar plans to develop and maintain the 250-megawatt Beacon solar thermal farm along the western border within the Mojave Desert. Beacon initially requested permission in ’08.

This particular solar farm system uses parabolic trough solar thermal technique. Huge series of curved mirrors are going to accumulate the sun’s energy, heating pipes containing a special fluid that will operate a steam generator.

The energy commission previously authorized a solar thermal venture in Feb 1990. At that time it authorized a solar thermal farm in San Bernardino County to be able to proceed.

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Prior to the Beacon plan breaking ground, it’s going to certainly be required to obtain a power purchase agreement with a utility. Odds are not looking great for California’s investor-owned utilities to satisfy a state mandate to produce at least 30% of their energy from renewable resources by the end of 2013.

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