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Solar Thermal Farm Project Gains Momentum

The actual system, will be placed on over 2,000 non-public acres within Kern County, is just one of several solar farm plans working feverishly to begin construction ahead of an important federal grant that runs out by the end of the calendar year. Continue reading

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1603 ITC (Investment Tax Credit) Grant-In-Lieu Should Be Extended For 2 Years Offering Significant Upside To Solar Farm Investment

Commercial Solar Design is suggesting that there is a greater likelihood of passage of this bill in Congress when the Congress assembles after the August recess. Continue reading

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SB 32 Update – Signed into Law requiring utilities to purchase electricity from solar farms up to 3MW

The bill would revise the first requirement, discussed above, to instead require that the electric generation facility have an effective capacity of not more than 3 megawatts, subject to the authority of the commission to reduce this megawatt limitation, discussed below, and would delete the requirement that the facility be located on property owned or under the control of the customer. The bill would require that the tariff provide for payment for every kilowatt hour of electricity purchased from an electric generation facility for a period of 10, 15, or 20 years, as authorized by the commission. The bill would require that the payment be the market price referent established by the commission pursuant to the renewables portfolio standard program and would require the price to include all current and anticipated environmental compliance costs. Continue reading

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